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Grow your business by delivering a total fitness experience.

With the leading mobile-first platform for personal training, nutrition planning, lifestyle coaching, and branded fitness content.

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Trainerize is now powered by ABC

Creating a unique fitness journey sets your business apart. Today, this means delivering a Total Fitness Experience that is beyond your physical gym and becomes your member’s daily life – anytime, anywhere. Together, ABC and Trainerize deliver a complete software solution that enables customized live, virtual and on-demand workouts, nutrition planning, habit and lifestyle coaching, all in a custom branded app. It’s another way ABC is helping you boost performance and accelerate growth of your fitness business.

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Create new revenue by digitizing your personal training profit center

With our all-in-one personal training and digital solution, you can build a more engaging member community in and out of your club.

  • Energize personal training revenue with customizable training and nutrition coaching programs that can be delivered in person, virtually, through video calls and on demand.
  • Offer a Total Fitness Experience with your custom branded app that can deliver training content, holistic nutrition planning and lifestyle-centric communications.
  • Strengthen member engagement with habit and lifestyle coaching. Wearable device and smartphone integration for real-time activity and results tracking: Apple Watch, Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, Withings.

Deliver a Total Fitness Experience that is digitized, customized and personalized

Custom branded apps

Create branded workouts and programs that can be shared across locations through your custom fitness app, packed with Trainerize features but wrapped in your club’s branding.

Elevated personal training

Expand your personal training program with a digital offering that you can deliver on demand and through video calls anytime, anywhere for your members.

Personalized fitness services

Increase club revenues by offering custom and flexible online training, nutrition planning, and habit coaching packages using our extensive exercise library and powerful template and automation features.

Next-level engagement

Spark motivation and accountability, provide continuous feedback and build stronger relationships with and between your members using in-app group and individual messaging and inspirational videos.

Group training

Take your group training online. Deliver shared training programs, run challenges and classes, and leverage social motivation — all with a few clicks.

Business management

Go paperless with online client profiles, manage trainers and clients across multiple locations, track client performance and compliance, and set up recurring and one-time payments — all in one place.

Integrate your brand into your members' daily life

Integration with wearable devices and apps expands your brand into your members’ fit lifestyle. Powerful API with DataTrak syncing membership and recurring services.

Trainerize has a proven track record of delivering results


Clubs that implement Trainerize are able to stay in touch with clients 24/7.


Members using Trainerize work out an average of 3x week, above the industry average.


Members who have a training program and goals set in Trainerize have an increased lifetime value of an extra 27 days.

ABC is your proven partner

Trainerize powered by ABC represents our continued commitment to the fitness industry and is an important part of our promise: to deliver the most comprehensive club management solution, offering tools across member acquisition, registration and management, club administration, reporting & analytics, and revenue-cycle management.

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