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Convert more memberships and create more revenue

With a fully-integrated approach designed to close more prospects.

Member Acquisition – Now Including the Integrated Join Portal

As more members choose to join online, having the right strategy in place is crucial. ABC’s comprehensive approach to Member Acquisition includes our all-new Join Portal, a significant upgrade to your ability to easily and quickly turn interest into revenue. ABC’s Join Portal grants instant access to the club and its content, instantly adding conversions to DataTrak.

Clubs have also observed prospects select higher membership tiers than they would in-club when presented with multiple options online. Combined with the Join Portal’s ability to promote add-ons, you now have a powerful way to increase average sale price.

Gym Membership Software Application
  • Available as an integrated part of your website and through an external link that can be used on member devices and your kiosks and tablets
  • Creates plan presentations from the data in your club management suite, including the ability to highlight “Best Value” or “Most Popular” plans and leveraging your logo and brand colors
  • Designed to work seamlessly with GymSales sales automation technology, providing data about where any prospects abandoned the process for immediate follow-up – a capability exclusive to gyms using ABC’s club management suite
  • Eliminate the need to manage multiple integrations from third parties, reducing reconciliation tasks and your total cost of ownership for technology

Encourage action through smart user experience design

What's new in the Join Portal?

Web design for gym membership

Intuitive and responsive flow designed to convert more members

Smoothly integrated into your club’s website and/or available standalone

Styling to align to the modern look and feel of your brand


Membership join on iphone

Member package options clearly displayed – without uploading an image

Add-on upsells during the membership sales process

Capture and automatically send partial form fills as leads to GymSales*

Create personalized follow-ups in GymSales based on where leads abandoned the form*

*Exclusive to clubs using GymSales + DataTrak

The ABC Advantage

ABC’s new Join Portal is an incredible update for clubs already using our online join technology, and is now available for all ABC clubs. Increase revenue and capitalize on our pre-integration with the rest of ABC’s Member Acquisition capabilities.

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