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Fitness Consumer Report: Impactful Gym Industry Trends

A comprehensive analysis of gym industry trends

We canvassed the views of over 2,000 fitness consumers, to outline the drivers of consumer behavior, their key motivators, and how club operators must adapt to survive in the evolving fitness industry landscape of today.




Additional Resources and Analyses

The data from our research, created in collaboration with ClubIntel and IHRSA, was rich, and the implications for gym owners and operators have had fitness experts talking.

Find other resources and mediums analyzing the research below.

Motivations and Insights of the Next Big-Box Fitness Consumer

In this webinar, we bring together fitness leaders to discuss the key findings from the second release which examines the shift in trends and motivations for the next big-box gym consumer post-pandemic.

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Research Shows that Members Expect Hybrid Workout Models

This blog entry focuses on the evolving consumer expectation that fitness clubs provide hybrid fitness experiences of integrated in-gym and at-home options.

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