Provide a Member-Centric Experience for Improved Engagement

março 14, 2022

Engaging at the right place, at the right time

Members are seeking a more personalized experience, and with the right touch points at the right time you can provide one. Most gym operators think communication is reserved for prospective members only. However, if you are looking to keep members around longer, increasing their lifetime value, then you will want to think about the right communication with the right audience throughout their entire journey at the club. Paying attention to a member?s interests or workout habits can be the basis for a long-lasting relationship.

With a full suite like ABC IGNITE, you?re armed with the tools needed to enhance your member relationships, but most importantly, you?re empowering the member?s fitness journey. Let?s take a closer look at what your member?s first year could look like using all the modules available in the ABC IGNITE suite.

Starting at Your Club

Elliot has recently joined your club. Upon joining, she is sent a welcome email from IGNITE Sales that assists her in signing up for your club branded app powered by IGNITE Engagement. In the app, members can manage their profile and payment methods, search and book classes, and track their progress and achievements. The app can also be used for trainers to create highly curated member experiences providing workouts accessible from anywhere, fitness and lifestyle habits, nutritional guidance, and accountability through regular communications.

Elliot loves the convenience of working out where she?s most comfortable and is interested in personal training, so she chooses to book a few introductory sessions. She is also using the app to track her workouts and progress.

One Month

As Elliot uses your club branded app, her information can be used across the IGNITE Suite for more opportunities to connect.

Data is collected and stored within IGNITE Membership and will appear on Club Home when Elliot checks in. This allows you to quickly review her information to make sure payment methods are valid and see what secondary sales items she has purchased, which are processed through IGNITE Commerce. Additionally, you can see what classes she has attended through IGNITE Operations.

personal training session

Looking into Elliot?s profile, you can see that she completed her introductory personal training sessions but didn?t book more. She?s using the app to track her progress and recently started using the meal and habit tracking options.

Because this information lives within the member?s profile, you can create targeted campaigns in IGNITE Sales to sell more of the same services your members enjoy. For example, Elliot used your club branded app for personal training but didn?t purchase additional sessions. Now would be a suitable time to send a message from IGNITE Sales or directly from your app offering a package of personal training sessions at a discounted rate. Not only will the trainer create workouts, but they can provide nutritional guidance and lifestyle habits to help Elliot meet her fitness goals.

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90 Days

Elliot jumped on the offer you sent regarding personal training. She?s quickly becoming a loyal member and seeing the benefits of the added engagement from her trainer and the community within your club?s app.

On days without her trainer, you notice that she has been using on-demand workouts in the app. This would be a great opportunity to send another message from IGNITE Sales regarding your extensive class schedule in the club. Tailor the message further and have it sent by her trainer, directly from your app, detailing classes she might like or would fit well within the routine they had created for her. In the message, mention how she can become more involved in your club?s community by joining classes in person.

1 Year and Beyond

Elliot?s membership renewal is coming up, and while you hope she will renew, use the information within the ABC IGNITE suite to ensure she maintains her membership.

Use advanced filters in IGNITE Sales to create a list of members that have been at your club for nearly a year. This list will include information about the recurring services they have purchased and can be used to create an exclusive offer that will entice Elliot, like more personal training or adding classes to the schedule.

This is a great option to ensure members renew but your engagement with members shouldn?t stop here. With IGNITE Insights, you?ll have access to real-time data that measures member value and trends which are critical to staying competitive in this industry and keeping your members loyal.

Wherever your members are in their journey, you have tools necessary to boost your members? experiences. They?ve provided the breadcrumbs, and if you follow along, this can lead to increased secondary sales, member lifetime value, and engagement with your club. With little effort, your members feel empowered in an environment centered around their workout needs and habits.