Health Club Software for Lead Follow-up

maio 29, 2014

By: Lacey Thacker

All business owners know that in order to continue growing their business, the business must implement a marketing plan. Depending on your clientele, location, business type, and marketing personality, this will take on different forms. One popular marketing angle across business types is to work on increasing the visibility of your brand, thus creating the ubiquitous ?household name.? Once you?ve built your brand and become a familiar name in your community, you will find more customers coming your way. While the marketing has done its job, there is a next step in adding and retaining health club members: You must implement a follow-up system.

When a guest visits your club, or uses a free trial membership, you must reach out to those guests to create a sale. Instead of creating a system from scratch, health club software can help you. Modern health club software has a variety of lead management capabilities including a general information database to manage members and leads, a plan-ahead function that allows you to assign a task to each lead, and follow-up tasks to complete after the initial check-in with a client. The most important aspect of this software is that it creates a systematic and partially automated approach to lead follow-up.

What?s the benefit to automation? Simple. Because your health club software can take care of some tasks semi-independently, employees spend less time managing follow-up. Follow-up is also consistent, which increases conversion while decreasing time spent on record keeping.

Other Benefits:

  • All information is stored in one place
  • Every employee can seamlessly participate
  • Employee time can be spent helping customers and visitors in the club, because many of the tasks can be automated
  • Get rid of paper to-do lists that can get lost or forgotten

Picture this:

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Joe is working the front desk in the morning around ten a.m. when Sally comes in to look around. He inputs her information into the computer, including assigning a follow-up task?a text message or email. Two afternoons later, Micah comes in to work, opens the computer, and checks all tasks assigned to that afternoon. He notes that there was an automatic text sent to Sally, who has responded with plans to come in and sign up that night. The nightshift worker is able to check all notes made about Sally when she arrives, thus creating a feeling of organization and cohesiveness for the customer about the club.

Alternatively, Sally may have been debating between two health clubs. When she receives the follow-up text, she decides to go with your club, because she perceives a high level of customer service.

Health club management software is something no health club owner should do without. While health club software most often includes other useful functions, such as employee record-keeping, class scheduling, and customer check in, you should definitely look for software that also allows you to manage customer records and leads. Your to-do list will thank you.