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Podcast Episode: Jeff Skeen – Integrating the Medical and Fitness Industries

Jeff Skeen is the CEO Reshape MD, Reshape Labs and Results Redefined. He is a longtime fitness industry innovator and visionary. Jeff has many years of experience running health and fitness chains, including Gold’s Gym International and Fitness Connection, but has recently started a move into the medical space. He joins Kelly Card to share his perspective on changes in these industries.

The fitness industry and the medical industry have long existed in a state of friction, while ultimately serving consumers on the same front — health and wellness. Jeff and Kelly dive into the intricacies of how the medical and fitness industries can complement each other with increased medical connectivity. Jeff also explains his business model with Results Redefined, ReShape MD and ReShape Labs and how this integration of fitness and medicine is redefining “health care” for the modern fitness consumer. Tune in to find out more.

Powerful Quote:

“We really desire for our members to have a better life.”

Highlighted key topics discussed:

Jeff Skeen shares how he entered the fitness space and then on to explain what prompted his move toward driving medical connectivity in the fitness space.[9:52] Jeff goes into what disruption is happening in the medical space that is making it possible to reduce the amount of friction that has historically existed between the fitness and medical industries.[13:23] Kelly and Jeff talk about taking into consideration the needs of the modern fitness consumer, it appears that the fitness and medical industries are finally perfectly timed to partner with each other in a meaningful way. [19:45] Kelly and Jeff discuss the different aspects of the concept of “health care”. [22:04] KElly and Jeff go into some of the tactical steps that club operators can begin to explore to connect their facilities closer to the medical space. [25:17] Listen in to head some of the technologies that club operators can use to help bridge that communication gap.


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