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Why Reliability is Important for Gym Leaders

When we think of someone who is reliable, we think: we can count on them for anything. We know if they say they’re going to complete a task by the end of the day, they will. We know if they say they’ll be at the gym by 6:00am in the morning, they will. We call them reliable because, based on past experiences, they have met the expectations that were set. In the end, reliability comes down to consistency, and as a gym leader, reliability, and therefore consistency, is incredibly important.

How Gym Leaders Build Reliability

Gym leadership is a difficult skill set to accomplish. Becoming a leader at a gym is often done by executing small, repetitive actions. This might include showing up to the gym on time, sending out weekly business updates and schedule changes, sending paychecks on time, and being an open ear when employees or members have questions. These are just a few examples, but of course, there are many other methods for building this sense of trust and reliability. Though these actions may be simple to understand, they do need to be done consistently, and that is the difficult part. It is important to hold yourself accountable to these standards over time in order to be a model for everyone else. Also, recognize that gym leaders not only become reliable by the personal actions they take but also in the tools they use.

Building Reliability Through Gym Software

Some of the examples mentioned above are tasks that a leader can do on their own, like showing up on time or their willingness to listen and engage with an employee or member. Other tasks, like updating schedules consistently, paying bills, sending paychecks, collecting dues from members on time, etc., require the use of some sort of gym management software platform. Gym owners should be very particular about which software they decide to use because if the system breaks down, or the vendor support isn’t strong enough, it will destroy that sense of reliability in their community.

A gym management software vendor needs to be just as reliable as the gym leaders themselves. Vendors should feel like a true partner, which is why there are important questions to ask before choosing a vendor, including asking about the support team and the software’s technological abilities. In terms of the vendor’s support, they should have an efficient onboarding team to help your gym get set up and a support team that is available if things go awry later on. The software’s technological capabilities should include the following three features:

1) Fast

In a world of instant gratification, your gym software should be nearly instantaneous, too. This will allow you to check members in quickly or view member data at any time.

2) Accurate

The data collected should be highly accurate. As a gym leader, you rely on that data to make smart business decisions for your gym, so accuracy is key.  Just imagine how a current member would feel if you sent them an email about joining your gym. It is your job to make members feel known and appreciated; accurate data can help you do that.

3) Secure

And finally, member and employee data should be securely held within the management system. With names, phone numbers, addresses, credit card information, and more, gyms have a variety of sensitive data that needs to be handled with care. Level 1 PCI-Compliant payment processing systems meet the necessary security standards and is something to specifically look for when choosing a gym software.


The reliability of a gym software vendor depends on both the team support aspect as well as the technical abilities. And to be reliable as a gym leader, you must be reliable within your own personal actions as well as the software and vendors you decide to use.

Gym management software can help you become a stronger leader by giving you a better way to manage employees, members, and financials. To learn more about the capabilities of gym software, check out our Introduction to Gym Management Software!