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Our History Is Built On Helping Fitness Entrepreneurs Realize Their Dreams

ABC Financial Services was founded to help fitness entrepreneurs realize their dreams. The roots of our company come from one martial arts studio launched in 1974 which our founder developed into a chain of 13 fitness centers. As an entrepreneur, he created ABC Financial Services in 1981 as a software and payment system solution which enabled him to focus more on member needs and business operations. He saw an opportunity to deliver services for fitness business owners and created ABC Financial to help others benefit from software, technologies, and best practices in payment processing and collections. Our business legacy truly started with the idea of one fitness entrepreneur helping other fitness entrepreneurs succeed and it is what we continue to do today.

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

― Seneca

Over the years ABC Financial has helped support thousands of health club, gym, and fitness facilities by championing fitness entrepreneurship. Our knowledge of the industry and our solutions and services have allowed us to earn the trust of a range of fitness entrepreneurs and businesses from regional, national and international gym, health club, and fitness brands to single location owners and operators. From the best-known name brands in the business to the most successful independent gym, health club, and fitness operators, every client we help is serviced in the spirit of one entrepreneur helping another.

ABC Financial is an ardent supporter of global fitness organizations like IHRSA, the National Fitness Business Alliance, our network of preferred vendor partners and the Fitness Industry Technology Council, among many others. These groups create valuable resources, content, and foster caring and passionate communities with the service of fitness business entrepreneurs and professionals as their key mission. Our support is a way of always giving back to the entrepreneurs who continue to build our industry. Working together we can achieve so much more.

We continue to assist fitness entrepreneurs in new innovative ways as well. Recently, ABC Financial launched the Fitness Industry Innovation podcast with host Kelly Card, our SVP of Customer Relations, to deliver even more expertise and education to the marketplace; sharing inspiring stories and lessons learned from some of the top gym, health club, and fitness leaders and brands operating today.

In a recent Fitness Industry Innovation podcast “Disrupting Marketing In the Fitness Industry” (listen here), Kelly Card interviewed Tom Wingert, Vice President of Marketing at City Fitness in Philadelphia. This is a great and informative story, podcast, and interview that highlights a wonderful entrepreneurial journey. Tom is a relative newcomer by fitness industry standards but has helped the team at City Fitness create a tremendous amount of disruption in the past 4 years. He, along with the City Fitness team and its founder Ken Davies, has grown City Fitness from 60 employees to 300+ employees, and from 6,500 members to 15,000 members in his short time. By building and branding beautiful fitness facilities, City Fitness is redefining what digital marketing means in the fitness industry by delivering ultra community-based, hyper-personalized experiences in all of his locations. The team at City Fitness represent the nature of rising and leading present-day fitness, health club, and gym entrepreneurs and professionals that our team at ABC Financial love to support, help, guide, and service.

“No man was ever wise by chance”

― Seneca

As the fitness industry continues to expand, entrepreneurs need to increasingly rely on established partners they can trust. Making the right technology service partner decision can be daunting and seem complicated. You need a knowledgeable team you can trust. We have decades of experience and countless testimonials that reflect our core purpose of helping fitness business entrepreneurs realize their dreams just like industry leader Mike Alpert of the Claremont Club. Here is what he has to say about working with ABC Financial Services:

“…ABC was superior to any other that I have been through in my 24-year industry career. They made it a priority to fully understand our business and what we needed. Unparalleled customer service from outstanding individuals and a true commitment to their customers like no one else.”

For over 38 years we have helped meet and overcome the obstacles our clients face. We know the complexity of the modern day fitness industry and work alongside our clients to provide knowledge and emerging ideas to drive profitability. With our growing network of vendor partners and our innovative software and payment solutions, we are able to provide a complete and comprehensive answer to our clients’ needs.

Our history is built on helping fitness entrepreneurs realize their dreams. We hope we can help you realize your fitness business dreams too. Contact our team today to learn more.


About ABC Financial

We are the nation’s leading software and payment processing provider for health clubs, gyms, and fitness facilities. Our comprehensive offerings include payment processing solutions and advanced health club management tools, such as DataTrak, that allow gym owners and managers to track and manage memberships and member and employee schedules, drive member engagement, and automate payment processing functions. The company’s software has won numerous design and feature awards, such as Club Industry’s Best of the Best and IHRSA’s Vendor of the Year.