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How Automation and AI Improve the Health Club Member Experience

Adam Stokar is the Founder and President of Club OS. Growing up, Adam enjoyed video games and sports, and as he got older, he realized that his interests had a common theme — the more practice you put in, the better you become. He pursued software engineering in college and exercised at various health clubs and fitness centers.  Over that time, he noticed a need in the fitness industry for better sales and retention software, leading to the creation of Club OS. Since its launch, Club OS has expanded their reach, and now serves over 3,000 health clubs, fitness centers and studios across North America in areas such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), automation and artificial intelligence, scheduling, and member service agreements to help fitness businesses get time back and improve the health club member experience.

How can automation and artificial intelligence (AI) help businesses in the health club and fitness industry? Adam shares more about the integration of automation with human interaction to create better customer experiences, and how health clubs and fitness business can better leverage technology. He also dives into some key applications of AI that we can expect to see moving forward, and the impact this will have on the fitness industry at large. Tune in to find out more!

“Now we’re in a place where just getting [information] into a database really is not a big deal anymore. Now, it’s what are you going to do with that information.” — Adam Stokar


Highlighted key topics discussed:

Adam Stokar shares what his journey in the fitness industry been like. [5:53] Kelly and Adam discuss what has been the history of lead management in the fitness industry. [9:00] Adam talks about how can automation help fitness businesses. [11:50] Adam and Kelly share the importance of human interaction, and how it integrates with the automation and artificial intelligence component in a fitness business. [15:00] Adam discusses what elements are missing from a technology perspective in terms of sales and marketing in the fitness industry. [19:18] Adam share some key applications of artificial intelligence to the fitness industry moving forward. [23:34] Kelly and Adam discuss the utility of AI in home fitness. [25:53] Hear about some future developments that we can expect to see at Club OS.


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