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Podcast Episode: Thomas Plummer – The Business of Fitness Guru

Thomas Plummer is the Founder of the National Fitness Business Alliance, an industry thought leader, author of ten books, speaker and ultimate fitness business guru. He has been in the industry for over 40 years, and shares his wealth of information and experience in the business of fitness with others through his books, workshops and coaching sessions.

A brutally honest advisor and a true visionary in the fitness industry, Thom sheds light on leading numerous controversial movements in the fitness space, and how he has managed to do so time, and time again. He shares why using the same methods of previous years will no longer be sufficient to gain and retain modern fitness consumers, and how clubs need to adapt to the changing times. Thom also explains why the race to the bottom is not a sustainable model for clubs, and why the layering process he teaches leads to far greater success. Tune in to find out more!

Powerful Quote:

“What happens in the mainstream is we try to build a one-size gym that fits everybody, and it doesn’t work that way.” – Thomas Plummer

Highlighted key topics discussed:

Thomas Plummer share what led him into the fitness space 40 years ago. [7:10] Kelly and Thomas discuss the controversial movements he has led in the fitness space. Thomas share what has been the evolution of the fitness industry over the last 40 years. [19:37] Thomas explains what role he sees technology playing in delivering experiences to customers.[24:34] Kelly and Thomas discuss the idea that if technology is not enabling or enhancing human experience, it shouldn’t be in the club. [36:27] Thomas sheds light on what his  hope for the fitness industry. [41:34] The future is purpose-driven profitability in delivering experience that is going to cultivate a community, and not just commoditize fitness.


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