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Podcast Episode: John Ford — A Digital Strength Training Routine for Beginners

John Ford is the CEO of eGym North America and was prior the CEO for Netpulse. eGym takes a modern approach to fitness by incorporating technology that can track and present compelling data to its users. By understanding the data and how each person improves week over week, it encourages them to keep going on their fitness journey.John and Kelly sit down to talk about how eGym works and why it’s become so effective for beginners to get hooked. John is highly focused on those who are just starting their fitness journey because he understands that it can be wildly intimidating for a beginner, who has no clue what they’re doing, to get started. Not everyone understands the importance of a personal trainer to help keep you motivated and this is one of the reasons why you often see a high turnover right after the month of January. What we really have is not an exercise problem, but a behavioral science problem, and John explains how eGym can fix that.

Powerful Quote:

“Exercise is outperforming drugs in terms of curing disease and just that data component alone, it will begin to radically shift mindset of what the experience of wellbeing going to be.” – John Ford

Highlighted key topics discussed:

John Ford talks about his journey from accounting to the fitness industry. [6:15] John speaks of where he sees eGym headed. [7:55] Kelly and John discuss the struggle for new beginners to get familiar with a gym. [9:25] John explains how eGym works. [12:35] John shares what it is about eGym that keeps people inspired. [16:39] John is working towards partnerships with equipment manufacturers and he shares what that process has been like. [22:07] Where does John see where the future of fitness equipment is headed? [26:19] John explains why it is so important to make the beginner process so simple. [28:08] John shares why users don’t have to be tech savvy to use eGym’s equipment.



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