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Podcast Episode: Mike Alpert – Purpose-Driven Enterprise at The Claremont Club

Mike Alpert has been the President and CEO of The Claremont Club since 1997. In his time at the club, he has built an amazing culture and community of caring for and nurturing others, and he is a man who truly champions the the notion of purpose-driven enterprise better than anyone in the fitness industry. He joins Kelly Card to share his insights about what this means for other players in the fitness industry.

Everybody knows about the benefits of exercise, and Mike has long been passionate about connecting the fitness industry with the chronically injured and chronically ill, particularly the global health initiative Exercise is Medicine®. He shares more about the programs offered by The Claremont Club under this initiative, and how has he engaged fitness and medical professionals at the local and global level to work towards bringing healthcare and fitness together. The Claremont Club is truly a purpose-driven enterprise, working to bridge the gap between the medical and fitness industries and help its clients achieve their health and wellness goals. Tune in to find out more!

Powerful Quote:

“Know what your bottom line is, and understand it. But more importantly, understand what moves your bottom line. And those are people.”

Highlighted key topics discussed:

Mike Alpert explains what Exercise is Medicine® is and what some of the innovative fitness / wellness / medical programs are that he offers at The Claremont Club. [4:09] Mike goes into what he sees as the missing links / elements that have prevented the fitness industry from connecting to the healthcare space over the years and how he is bridging the gap. [6:40] Mike shares his insights on the trend that modern health clubs must be a place that offer services for people not only to lose weight but also to live a healthy, better life. [12:12] Kelly and Mike discuss the sense of purpose that is evident in every facet of The Claremont Club, in every program and in every employee. [17:08] Mike goes into the big thing that has been missing all these years has been the medical, scientific data and research that can support what health clubs see every day, and they finally have it. Mike explains more. [23:47] Mike shares his suggestion for an accreditation program to get the backing from physicians for exercise programs at health clubs. [25:00] Mike goes into some of the tools that club operators can use to prepare themselves for conversations with doctors.


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