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Bryan O’Rourke On Understanding the Fitness Consumer of Tomorrow

Bryan O’Rourke is the President of the Fitness Industry Technology Council, fitness industry thought leader, keynote presenter, investor, and club owner. He has a talent for anticipating trends in the industry technology space, and joins Kelly Card on this episode to share his insights.

The fitness industry is changing – there’s no doubt about that. Kelly and Bryan discuss how the modern fitness consumer has changed in terms of their demands and expectations, and the role of technology in catering to and driving these experiences. They also dive into how business models within the industry are changing, and what the future will look like as the consumer, technology and even the industry itself changes. Tune in to find out more.

Powerful Quote:
“Expectations for consumers are increasing, and have for quite some time now, and meeting that expectation is getting more challenging for brands in all industries.”

Highlighted key topics discussed:

Bryan O’Rourke shares his thoughts on the modern fitness consumer and the role of technology in driving the experiences they expect. [5:35] Kelly and Bryan discuss the convergence and divergence in business models that has come about as a result of consumer expectations and demands. At [7:30] Kelly and Bryan discuss what is “betterment” today, and what does that mean for the customer of tomorrow? [10:22] They get into why AI is such an evangelist of the fitness industry and how is it relevant in creating consumer experiences. [19:33] Bryan goes into what OmniChannel is and what it means for health club and gym providers. [25:01] Where is the fitness industry going to be in the next ten years? [31:05] What are some actionable steps that listeners can take now to be mindful of the fitness consumer of today and the future? [34:00] Find out more about Bryan by following him on all major social media platforms.

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