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Podcast Episode: Sunil Saha — Gamification and Rewards in the Health and Wellness Space

Sunil Saha is the Co-Founder and CEO of Perkville. After completing his undergraduate studies at Stanford, Sunil went on to work with Internet companies such as Yahoo and LinkedIn in the area of product management.  He had the opportunity to participate in LinkedIn’s staggering growth and he used many learnings from that experience to create Perkville in 2010. Perkville has grown to become the leading gamification and rewards platform in the health and wellness industry.

A loyalty program is a simple, low-cost way to impact club client retention and to increase revenue. Sunil explains how Perkville generates incredible levels of ROI, driving referrals while keeping costs affordable for club owners. He also shares more about how he sees loyalty programs evolving, how they influence consumer behavior through gamification, and his predictions for the future of the fitness industry. Tune in to find out what you can do to start seeing an immediate change in your business too!

“How you structure the reward program is critical to its success… really finding that fine balance between how much to give is critical.” — Sunil Saha

Highlighted key topics discussed:

Sunil Saha explains what Perkville is and what led him to Perkville. [6:52] Sunil shares how Perkville generates incredible levels of ROI, drive referrals and keep reward costs down. [10:49] Sunil talks about what the full loop of modernizing the referral process looks like. [13:15] Rewards are essentially a way of influencing consumer behavior. Sunil shares how gamification ties into that. [17:30] What is Sunil seeing from the world of rewards that will begin to start impacting the fitness space? [20:12] How does Sunil see rewards programs like Starbucks evolving? [21:36] Where does Sunil see the modern fitness consumer changing the landscape of the industry in the next 5 years? What is the future of the fitness industry? [23:57] Sunil gives his advice to club operators looking to make a difference in their club with immediate change.


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