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DataTrak is now

New and improved club management software.

Simplifying the business of fitness

Formerly DataTrak, ABC IGNITE from ABC Fitness Solutions is the leading club management software. Tailored to your club’s needs, our club management software gives you everything you need to maximize revenue, deepen member relationships, and optimize your club for growth.


Ready to Transform Your Gym?

ABC IGNITE is the most complete web-based club management software in the health and fitness industry that allows gym owners to:

Reduce Delinquencies
Stop worrying about delinquent payments and get alerted when an account has gone delinquent at any of your clubs.

Improve Member Experience
Give gym members a premium experience and improve your gym retention rates.

Featured Highlights

Learn how you can use ABC Fitness Solutions’ gym management software to manage your club’s members.

Member Check-in


Profile and Payment Management

Schedule and Calendar Management


Real-time Alerts

Business Dashboards and Analysis

Integrated Point-of-Sale

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Ready to Convert to ABC Fitness?

Converting to our gym management solution has never been easier!

ABC Fitness Solutions is the only company that provides the necessary resources to ensure a competent and effective conversion.

Our team will learn your business, understanding its philosophies and operations in order to effectively lead you through the health club billing process.

We’ll guide you through our data conversion procedures by:

  • Performing a full audit of your data to uncover any potential inconsistencies
  • Assigning you a full team dedicated to your account
  • Providing reliable resources with industry information and advice
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What our clients are saying:

“After being in the industry since 1985 and working with many different softwares, DataTrak has proven to be the best software package we have worked with.”

— Pleasant Lewis, Fitness CF