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Would You Like More Qualified Prospects From Your Area For Less Than 15 Minutes a Week?


Nowadays most people are sick of being bombarded with advertising, and quickly over look paid advertisements in their personal quest to lose weight, tone up, or meet any of their personal health and wellness desires. Now you can capitalize as people turn to Google for solutions on their health and fitness quest. When people reach out through Google for help is your club there for them? Do you increase your chances for calls with Google Pages? Take a look for yourself and see where you fall in the local search. Here are five easy steps to win the local search game.

5 Steps to increase business now!

  1. Go to Google
  2. Type in “weight loss”
  3. Does your club come up number one in the local search?
    a. No? – You have some work to do
    b. Yes? – You have some things to check

“Weight loss” is the number one search term used to find a solution to weight loss. Google’s local search allows you to be seen by more people in your area. It’s not paid advertising and, technically, it’s not free. However, for 15 minutes a week why not get everyone searching for and finding your club as a solution?

You could do this with any key word or phrase and become the local number one choice in an organic search.

What is an organic search? It is non-paid advertising. Pay per click advertising you actually pay for, and at times some of the health and fitness words and phrases are at a premium because national brands are fighting for them. But it is possible to become number one in the local organic search without spending a lot of money.

If you answered No to question #3, type “Google Places” in the Google search and click on the link to this page.

Now the fun begins! Creating a page is easy. You can add picture of your club, ask members to write recommendations about it, add keywords, etc. Add as much to your page as you can. Once you are finished, or have used up your allotted 15 minutes per week, save it and come back again the next week to add more.

Click this link for a case study on Google Places

In the description of your club make sure you use the keyword and phrases that you want to own in your local search. If you want to be number one for “Pilates” then include Pilates in your description. Below is the right way and wrong way to write your description.

The Right way:

If I want to come up high in the local search I need to make sure my keywords are in my description.

Keywords/Keyword Phrases:

  • Weight loss
  • Toning
  • Lose that last 10 pounds
  • Diet

Description: Here at (club name) we do not offer diets, or quick and easy ways to lose that last 10 pounds. However, we have committed and friendly trainers to guide you through healthy weight loss and toning, etc, etc.

The Wrong Way:

Keywords/Keyword Phrases:

  • Weight loss
  • Toning
  • Lose that last 10 pounds
  • Diet

Description: Here at (club name) we have the friendliest staff, cleanest facility, and tons of equipment. We are even open 24 hours.

You can own a word without offering the service by writing that you do not offer it. In the RIGHT WAY example, we have “diet” (a highly searched term). However, we say in the description we do not offer diets. You can say what you do not have in the description to still get people to your page.

You should own your local search or at least be in the top three. If you aren’t, do a small amount of work and watch what happens.

Steps 4 & 5:
4.  Occasionally ask members if they would write a review on your Google Places page. It’s easy to do and it helps you do even better in the searches.
5.  Add some new content, maybe some before and after pictures, and commit to updating it for a few minutes each week.

I have seen businesses go from no search ranking to number one in the local search in less than one month. Just for the kick of it, go to and type in “Weight loss”. Are you winning the local search?