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Who’s Minding Your Gym?

September 27, 2011


Despite the bumbling economy, health club memberships have continued to increase, registering healthy gains from 2010 to 2011 (IbisisWorld study). And, as the population becomes even more health conscious, industry experts predict that clubs will continue to see a steady rise in traffic.

On one hand, this is great news but with increased demand comes a host of issues that create a 24/7 workplace where managers are struggling to stay on top of all the details. Not surprisingly, this has given rise to a new business segment that has seen similarly impressive growth – health club management software.

Not only does health club management software streamline systems, it allows management the ability to keep track of all parts of the business from anywhere day or night. Who’s minding your gym when you’re not there? Consider some of the essential areas that need monitoring:

1. 24 hour sign up. No longer do clubs have to rely upon phone sign-ups. Now automated on-line registrations lessen the burden on staff and provide flexibility for members.

2. Data Security. With the increase of databases for clubs comes the challenge of keeping track (and keeping safe) all the information. Health club software not only protects but also lets managers create detailed, customized reports, making it easier to stay on top of everything from membership to finances.

3. Automated Email Messaging. Keeping customers engaged is the number one priority for service-oriented industries. With automated email not only can management keep current members up-to-date on the latest events, classes and changes, they can forge relationships with potential new members, as well.

4. Billing. As businesses grow, the challenge of staying on top of renewals, dues, EFT (electronic funds transfer) and delinquent accounts can become all consuming. Automation eases those headaches.

In addition, many health club management software companies provide outsourcing so managers are relieved of daily oversight of cash flow and invoicing.

The opportunities for success in the health club industry continue to expand and it only makes sense that managers find ways to create new programming, train more staff and collect more dues from more members. It will be an interesting journey driven by ever improving health club software technology.

The question is, are you taking advantage of what gym software offers? Who do you have minding your gym?