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Sign Up a Member in Under 4 Minutes? NEW EAE!


By: Bill Murray

As a salesperson there is nothing worse than paperwork. You want to help more people get started, or at least make more money. You see the outcome of rushed sales as a billing clerk, the mess that sales people can turn in and expect a commission. There are agreements that cannot be read, no source tracking, or unreadable credit card information. Referral programs go dead, or pictures do not get taken. Yet, as a salesperson, you consistently hear you need to sell more memberships. Managing the speed of closing the sale can feel like a juggling act as a club owner. Talk with billing clerks, salespeople, and managers and get three different answers about how membership must be filled out.

Enter NEW EAE from ABC… finally a workflow that considers the sales process and not just filling out of an agreement. NEW EAE can be customized for your workflow. You can actually sit someone down and get them signed up and booked for their first fitness appointment (complimentary PT) in less than 4 minutes. ABC looked at what sales people did, talked with billing clerks, and reached out to club owners and managers in designing NEW EAE.

It works in your flow so you can remove tabs you do not want, add user-defined fields, lock it down completely or keep it free flowing for sales people. It’s all up to you. Take their picture while doing contract entry, NEW EAE allows you to build your sales system the way you want it. Renew and rewrite easily at your EAE station, and help members faster. Looking to add children? EAE has it customizable. Have a referral program in place? Track the referral at agreement entry. A member will have an email sent to them with their agreement, no more paper if you don’t want it.

Add to that the “queues” and life only gets better. Want to have a pre-approval process… do it. Want to post directly to ABC… do it. Would you like to add events (personal training) during the EAE process… simply build it into the membership plan. EAE has made sales easier. No longer just an Electronic Agreement Entry form, now a standard, streamlined, and customized part of your sales process.

Isn’t it time your club tapped into the power of NEW EAE? Call our help desk at 1-877-222-5767 to schedule an appointment for conversion and get the full benefit of NEW EAE now!