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Accelerate Your Health Club’s Growth After Reopening

Today you would be hard-pressed to miss the shift in conversation amongst the fitness industry – and it is an exciting one. Words like “opportunity” are everywhere, and for a good reason. Gym members have missed their health club communities, and shelter-in-place has fueled the desire for a healthy lifestyle. For gyms, this means that a forward focus and smart strategy to capture demand are quickly becoming top-of-mind. Working with reliable and dependable partners who can offer novel capabilities to help you to attract and engage members, is key to accelerate your health club’s growth in reopening.

Marketing Tools to Increase New Gym Memberships During Reopening

New gym members are joining, and for those health clubs who have reopened, monthly new joins on are track to exceed 2019 numbers. If you haven’t put a serious focus on attracting new gym members, now is the time to restart your sales and marketing machine. Many health clubs are now using survey tools to understand overall member sentiments. Combining surveys with gym reopening reports on cancelations, freezes and new gym memberships, offer critical insight into developing your gym’s marketing strategy. Industry partners are providing are new programs and marketing tools for gyms to help with everything from generating awareness to capturing more online memberships.


Keeping Your Gym Safe with New Processes Upon Reopening

Getting new gym members in the door is only one part of the reopening growth plan. Health clubs must continue to exceed gym members’ expectations. New processes to enable social distancing, along with new capacity limitations have required gym staff to shift roles, while also challenging their traditional approach to maintaining member connections.

Ask your team to examine all the updates to your health club’s operations with a fresh set of eyes. Chances are that new gym technologies can help facilitate the adoption of new processes. For example, as a way to manage capacity in your health club, many gyms have added a Check Out step for members. Having a check-out point as members leave the club give gym staff an opportunity to up-sell members with smoothies, group exercise classes, or even personal training as they leave each day. In addition to adding a new touchpoint to facilitate gym member engagement and up-sell, it also gives your health club a new metric track, such as, average time members spend in the health club.


Increase Engagement with Text and Email Notifications

As your gym members adapt to their new routines after shelter-in-place, text and email notifications for Group X can help drive your in-club and live workout attendance.

If you’re still looking for ideas to secure a strong second half to 2020, there’s no shortage of like-minded operators that are sharing their experiences via industry outlets and even one-on-one meetings. At ABC, we’ve created a video that summarizes our latest club reopening capabilities. Our commitment to the business of fitness has never been stronger, and we’re ready to connect on ideas to accelerate your gym’s revenue and operations.