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Motivating Members Every Day with the Apple Watch

As your members increasingly track workouts, nutrition, and habits on the go, consider how the Total Fitness Experience you provide inside and outside the club should evolve to meet and exceed their expectations. Devices such as the Apple Watch, designed to encourage activity, are a fantastic way to drive engagement, create community and motivate members. ABC’s Apple Watch App, branded to your club, instantly gives you a presence on members’ wearable devices and throughout their day.

Not just another app – delivering a Total Fitness Experience on members’ wrists

By making comprehensive health and fitness tracking a core goal of the Apple Watch, Apple created a unique way to for individuals to connect with their fitness journey. You might be surprised to learn that Google search volume for “Apple Watch,” with 2.2M+ queries, beats out every other fitness technology term every month. A GlobalData study suggests that wearable sales will more than double by 2023, and annual revenue from global wearable technology will grow from nearly $23 billion in 2018 to $54 billion by 2023.

With our latest Apple Watch upgrade, included as part of Trainerize powered by ABC, clubs can create a new way to with and motivate members, enhanced by our new approach to integrating with Apple Watch Activities.Trainerize Apple Watch

How our Apple Watch App creates opportunities for your club

Automatically available for members utilizing the club branded app through Trainerize, the Apple Watch App is a branded app on that’s instantly synced with the Trainerize iPhone app. By keeping a branded presence front and center, your club becomes easier to interact with, many times per day. More than exercise, the unique capabilities of the Apple Watch and our app allow members to track (and you to measure) workouts, healthy habits, and nutrition using the plans your team creates in Trainerize, with activity completion captured in your software in real time.

The latest version of our Apple Watch App is an exciting leap forward for members, with 24 new measurable activities, distance and time target setting, and the ability to view progress in real time. From snowboarding to soccer to paddling, your members can now track and capture a complete view of their activities and daily habits, all on the go and reflected in their smartphone app.

demo of activity tracking in trainerize appMembers can even view heart rate by effort zone during an activity to see if they’re putting in the right level of effort during training. New milestones, badges and badge boards showcase accomplishments over time, including goals, habits, workouts, and activities, creating additional data points for staff and trainers to track successes and celebrate wins with members. For club staff, having a more complete picture of members’ fitness helps them create more meaningful conversations and suggestions. Plus, members feel taken care of, connected, and accountable wherever and however they work out.

Beyond creating increased connections with members that already take advantage of personal training, consider enabling pre-loaded plans through Trainerize and the Apple Watch App for additional membership levels, creating a compelling way to connect with fitness-focused members with a low barrier to entry. This opens the door to introducing 1:1 training and coaching, creating new pipeline for paid services and building brand loyalty.

Watch out for even more exciting enhancements to the Apple Watch App throughout 2021, as we roll out new and exciting capabilities to this new channel for your club.

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