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It Is Like Financing for Personal Training

Have you ever had a member approach you and want to buy a certain number of personal training, small group or paid class sessions but needs to finance the cost over a period of time? If so, ABC’s Accelerated Services is perfect for your club. This new enhanced DataTrak feature allows you to sell a client a block of sessions or classes that can be used all at once or over time. This option is helpful to members who do not want to be locked into having a limited number of sessions per month or week, but would rather purchase a defined number of sessions to use over a period of time with the same recurring monthly charge.

With DataTrak’s Accelerated Services option, the member will also have the ability to pay off their remaining balance early without penalty. If their invoice goes past due, all remaining sessions will be placed on hold until the member becomes current. Accelerated Services is customizable based on the member’s (and club’s) wants and needs. It’s a great solution for those members who want to split their cost over 2 or 3 payments. Additionally, it allows full flexibility as you build your various training plans.

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