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Introducing Habit and Video Coaching by Trainerize

Helping Members On Their Wellness Journey

Imagine a new lead visits your facility, uncertain whether they’re ready to join a fitness club in the midst of COVID-19. Perhaps their state is already re-entering lockdown–or, they’re unsure they want to join now because another lockdown is on the horizon. No matter what’s happening, wherever you are in the world, you can help them continue working toward their fitness goals with Trainerize Habit and Video Coaching.  

 Trainerize is a member engagement app that integrates with ABC’s platform to expand club reach beyond the physical location, moving your members into continual engagement with your club. Its Habit Coaching feature is designed to keep club members moving toward their wellness goals, while Video Coaching allows you to create and provide video-based workouts they can do anywhere they are.

Why Habit and Video Coaching?  

As we continue to build out the Total Fitness Experience, our team is always looking for ways to help club owners make the fitness journeys more holistic. Offering Habit and Video Coaching at the point of sale allows you to meet members wherever they are in their journey, providing them with remote coaching options they can engage with anywhere. What’s more, the fitness journey doesn’t begin and end with a trip to the gym. Instead, it continues no matter where they go.  

Through Habit Coaching, trainers and fitness businesses like yours can influence members’ daily habits to drive long-term, successful behavior changes. Your business can also leverage Video Coaching by creating video-based online fitness training. You’ll achieve closer connections with your members, continual engagement, and a digitized fitness experience they can take with them anywhere. Plus, the app is branded for consistency with your club experience. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic began in early 2020, lockdowns were initiated nationwide, shuttering gyms and fitness businesses across the country. Individuals looked to online workouts they could do from home in order to stay on track with their fitness goals. Today, we’re beginning to see a new wave of lockdowns and the potential for gyms to shut down once again. By adopting Trainerize’s Habit and Video Coaching features, your club will have a higher likelihood of retaining members and helping them stay active in the event that physical locations must shut down again.

How Do Habit and Video Coaching Work?  

Habit and Video Coaching works alongside the Trainerize mobile app and Apple Watch app. It puts your members in daily, regular contact with your fitness trainers and helps your members make healthy decisions. As an add-on to your club membership, this feature could help you retain existing members, as well as attract new members who are looking for a well-rounded wellness solution beyond fitness alone.  

 By combining Habit and Video Coaching for your club, you can:  

  • Monetize your digital strategy. Upsell your members to the Habit and Video Coaching features. Memberships can be digital-only or hybrid. 
  • Open opportunities for broader training packages. Incorporate Habit and Video Coaching into class and personal training packages for maximum impact.  
  • Stay connected with your members. With additional engagement through Trainerize, you’ll stay top-of-mind with your members.  
  • Stay brand-consistent. The Trainerize app experience is branded to fit your club experience.  

Add wellness habits in Trainerize

More About Habit Coaching 

By influencing your members’ daily habits, you’ll have a greater impact on your clients and members than ever before. Daily habits such as sleep, nutrition, activity, and mindfulness are critical to achieving fitness goals. The Habits integration will help members achieve sustainable lifestyle changes, motivating them to stay invested in their health for the long-term. 

The core idea of Trainerize Habit Coaching is that small changes to our lifestyles add up to big results. Habit Coaching simplifies daily actions, providing members with automatic reminders, easy habit tracking, and a simple-to-use app to navigate it all. Trainerize offers a Master Habits Library your fitness trainers can leverage to easily organize and assign habits to members. Your trainers can also build custom habits, either tailored to a class or to individual members.  

Habit coaching is great for members and leads who are:  

  •  Interested in having continual accountability outside the gym experience 
  • Committed to maintaining health and fitness goals whether they can make it to the gym or not 
  • Interested in 360-degree coaching that includes fitness, nutrition, and healthy habits 
  • Reluctant to engage in traditional personal training 
  • Excited by gamified fitness experiences (such as habit streaks) 

More About Video Coaching 

With Video Coaching, you can create and upload your own library of classes and workouts to the Trainerize app. Members can then access the videos on-demand. In addition to pre-recorded workouts, you can create a live participant feed during follow-along workouts so your members can feel a sense of community and connection–particularly important amid a world impacted by COVID.

video workout coaching

Want to Get Started with Habit and Video Coaching?  

If you’re ready to integrate Habit and Video Coaching into your Total Fitness Experience, reach out to our team to learn more and get started. We’d love to help you create a more fully-integrated experience that will help you attract and retain members in the long-term. Click here to get in touch.