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Incorporating Mind, Body & Wellness Habit Building for Your Members

January 2022

Essential parts of a balanced life

Mind and body wellness are essential parts of a balanced life. Daily habits such as sleep, nutrition, activity, and mindfulness all contribute to balance and are critical to achieving fitness goals. Members count on gyms and clubs to help them with health and self-improvement, and there are many ways staff and club owners can make better environments.

Influencing members’ daily habits in positive ways can have good results in and outside the gym. By making the club setting welcoming, relaxing, and open, gym and club owners can take their members out of their daily stresses and offer them a place to let it go.

Mental wellness within a club environment can come in a variety of ways, owners could consider:

  • Offering yoga classes, steam rooms, private areas for those who need them, and aromatherapy
  • Bringing in local masseuses, reiki healers, reflexologists, etc. to offer ‘healing’ treatments
  • Offer mental wellness support by adding mental health counselors to the club staff
  • Work with local mental health groups and charities to offer ‘mini memberships’ to their member groups.

By including these offerings at a higher level of membership, you also incentivize members to become more involved at the gym and offer upsell opportunities for your sales team.

Using technology to support wellness

Many wearables and connect fitness brands also offer stress relief tools and programs. Fitbit, for example, offers guided meditation sessions for subscribers. In recent months, they have been putting a real emphasis on mental wellbeing, with sessions on mindful eating and body positivity, plus classes led by meditation guru Deepak Chopra. Peloton has yoga and meditation on its app and recently partnered with Delta Airlines to offer in-flight meditation. Gym and club owners may need to think about the value of incorporating physical and mental wellbeing services for their members.

fitness wearable for workout

Bringing wellness programs into the club mix will help members achieve sustainable lifestyle changes, motivating them to stay invested in their health for the long term. The wellbeing of members directly contributes to their involvement and participation in the club, so everything that can be done to improve their outlooks and experience is vital to the club setting.