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How To Prepare Your Gym for Vaccination Tracking Requirements

Are vaccination tracking requirements coming to your area?

With COVID-19 delta variant incidents rising across the country, states have begun to reintroduce mask mandates and rules on vaccination status. IHRSA recently shared a chart to help you easily compare guidelines in each state. Please continue to consult your state and local government guidance for the latest up-to-date rules and how they apply to your gym or fitness club.

Should you choose to implement vaccination status tracking for your club, there are 2 methods available in our DataTrak Club Management Software. These features are available at no additional software cost for DataTrak clients.

The detailed article can be found in under “What’s new in DataTrak” on the DataTrak help site, or contact your client success team at

covid vaccine tracking alert

Important Note:

Should you choose to use DataTrak to track the vaccination status of your members, ABC highly recommends you first consult with appropriate advisors regarding any laws that may restrict or impose obligations on who or what you may share with ABC. ABC is not aware of any laws restricting such disclosure to ABC, but we are unable to provide clubs any legal advice or any advice specific to your operations. Each client must perform their own due diligence on this subject. Should you elect to track the vaccination status of your members, ABC recommends you limit the data you collect to the minimum amount of information necessary to meet your tracking requirements (for example.: a simple “yes/no” rather than details of which vaccine was administered or when it was administered).