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Personalizing Fitness: How to Grow Online Personal Training Business

Selling Programs vs. Packages

Adapting your club’s personal training programming

Whether it is in-person classes, mobile apps, or free YouTube content, your members have a myriad of training options both in-and-outside of the gym. As a result, the way club operators and personal trainers deliver services needs to change if they are to grow online personal training business, stay relevant, and maintain perceived value in the eyes of consumers.

The traditional method of selling PT sessions based on an hourly rate is limiting from a value and services perspective. In the past, additional value was demonstrated to clients by offering packages with discounts based on volume. This, however still equates the value of the services to that one hour when they are face-to-face with a trainer. In a world where people have cheaper and even free options, this puts trainers in a precarious position. It also limits the trainer from a skills and services perspective, as many have advanced certifications in nutrition, behavior coaching, mindfulness and other health categories.

During the pandemic, millions were locked out of the gym and had to find alternative exercise options. According to the 2021 Fitness Consumer Report, sponsored by IHRSA, 49% of respondents reported having purchased fitness equipment. On top of that we saw millions of downloads for wellness apps like Noom, Sleep Cycle and Calm, for nutrition, mindfulness and sleep respectively. These apps, of course, are in addition to popular wearables like FitBit and Apple Watch and the aforementioned content providers.

While the number of resources available to consumers is positive, it also presents a few problems. One, active consumers get direction and data from multiple sources that do not talk to each other. Two, there is no support when it comes to interpreting and applying the data to their fitness goals. More importantly, there is no community or accountability. Herein lies the opportunity for health clubs and their trainers. Rather than treat optionality as competition clubs can work with it. Fortunately it’s easier than you might think.


3 Ways to Evolve Personal Training & Embrace Optionality

  1. Expand Your Program: One-on-one training is the holy grail, but it is not the only way to support member goals. Consider adding trainer guided programs that are lifestyle and activity inclusive, time bound and goal specific. Programmatic offerings at lower price points are attractive to budget conscious members, and make for great add-on revenue streams.
  2. Go Virtual: Members want guidance and expect convenience. With the right technology your personal trainers and instructors can support members whenever and wherever they are, and stay in constant communication. Your virtual services can even be used by members who workout in the gym.
  3. Evaluate Your Sales Process: In the traditional model, clubs rely heavily on personal trainers to sell. This is effective but not the only way, especially when you consider how many purchase decisions are made online. Online sales capabilities paired with a robust CRM tool can significantly increase revenue and reduce operational overhead.

With a programmatic approach and the right technology club operators can elevate the role of the trainer from trainer to health coach, and deliver more value to members, the result of which is threefold: improved member retention, higher LTV’s and increased employee satisfaction.

How to Grow Online Personal Training Business and Virtual Fitness at Your Gym

Accelerated by the company’s acquisitions of Trainerize and GymSales, ABC Fitness Solutions continues to invest in solutions that help club operators adapt and thrive. The introduction of branded, member-centric club apps that integrate with wearables was game changing. It allows clubs to launch virtual fitness experiences that rival major brands like Peloton and Nike, and make meaningful connections with and between members.

GymSales powered by ABC is an industry leading CRM solution that enables the sales process for prospects and members. New features like improved people filters, secondary sales and an intuitive email editor help club operators capture and convert leads faster, re-engage inactive prospects, and sell into the existing member base more effectively.

Ready to evolve your personal training program?

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