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How The Right Health Club Software Helps You Maintain Your Newest Equipment

January 1, 2012

Think beyond treadmills and weight machines. New gym equipment innovations are always coming onto the market and it can be hard to keep track of them all. Just some of the newest offerings include:

  • Kangoo jumps – cost-effective sport shoes with springs that emphasize cardio performance
  • BallBikes – which combine core strengthening, upper body resistance and a cardio workout all into one routine
  • Nexersys – which use video feedback to provide ongoing fitness performance evaluation in a mixed martial arts context

Each new product is designed to challenge your members – and to help them maintain a new level of health and well-being. But the true challenge as it relates to the latest equipment rests just as heavily on your club, as you strive to maintain the latest machines you purchase. And much like your members will see fitness benefits by overcoming the challenges of their new workouts, your club will see member retention benefits by overcoming the challenges posed by offering and maintaining the latest equipment.

Fortunately, the right health club software can help you ensure your oversee an optimal maintenance schedule for all new equipment from day one onwards. Here’s how:

  • Custom reporting. Develop the exact maintenance report you want in the specific format you need. Software will always come up with its template reports, but the ability to customize yours means you can develop specific maintenance schedules around the needs of your newest equipment.
  • Automated scheduling. As noted above, every new piece of equipment will likely have its own unique maintenance scheduling needs. And if you oversee equipment at a multi-facility club, manually scheduling maintenance tasks can be a significant challenge. With the right health club software, you can combine custom scheduling with automation capabilities, helping ensure that no maintenance tasks are overlooked – especially as they are being first rolled out by your staff.
  • Mobile access. No time to stop into your club to check in on maintenance schedules? The right health club software will allow you to access all reports with your favorite mobile device. No matter where you are or the time of day, you can keep an eye on your maintenance schedule to make sure all new equipment is working smoothly and operating properly.

With real-time reporting and scheduling, you’ll always be on top of your club’s maintenance schedule – even if you are working with new and unfamiliar equipment.

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