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How Many Opportunities Are You Missing to Sell More Personal Training?

October 31, 2011

By: Bill Murray

Every time one of our clients turns to us about growing their PT numbers, I ask them a question that can make an immediate and important impact, “Are you using the “Opportunities” functionality in the DataTrak scheduling module?” Unfortunately, the answer I usually hear is a resounding NO!

Opportunities in the DataTrak scheduler are designed to keep you ahead of the game by quickly informing you of the current status of your PT program. When used properly, the Red, Yellow, and Green lights that appear on the Calendar/Scheduler tell you where to put your time and attention.

To get the most out of Opportunities, you set the definitions of what Red, Yellow, and Green lights mean based on your club’s perception of when to renew a PT client. As an example, some clubs believe that renewal efforts should begin when 80% of the current package remains while others believe it is best to pursue it with 2 to 3 sessions left. Either way, DataTrak allows you to customize Opportunities for your club’s specific needs.

Imagine being able to take one look at your Calendar/Scheduler and knowing which members need to renew, which members need a little more time, which trainers need a pep talk, and when managers and salespeople need to be present to close sales! Always remember though that while the software can tell you at a glance the status of your opportunities, the ultimate responsibility to convert them rests on you, your managers, and their teams.

So when clients ask me how they can grow PT, I tell them to tap into the power of Opportunities on the DataTrak Calendar/Scheduler.