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How Health Club Software Helps You Determine Enhancement Fees

The post below discusses health club enhancement fees, the legality of which can vary by state. Prior to moving forward with the suggestions provided by this post, we encourage you to consult your attorney regarding how these laws impact health clubs operating in your state.

Communicating enhancement fees to your members is one thing. Determining if and when to charge these fees is a completely different matter. And it is the process of determining when to charge these fees that can make or break how you communicate them.

Day over day, member traffic at your health club can take a toll on equipment and facilities. Charging enhancement fees is one modest step you can take to ensure that this daily wear and tear does not lead to the type of gym environment that can turn off members. But unless you have a way to automate the scheduling of facility and equipment maintenance, much of this process can become a reactive effort.

Accurately capturing attendance data in order to evaluate how often and to what degree equipment and facilities need to be maintained is critical to creating a proactive schedule. The more in-depth information you can capture regarding club usage can help you determine the best rate at which to set enhancement fees for augmenting equipment or service offerings.

Fortunately, with the right health club software, you can automate a significant portion of the member tracking and data analysis process. This makes it easier for you to make strategic decisions regarding when enhancement fees should be charged. The right health club software will typically include a robust analytics package, helping you answer questions including:

  • Is membership stable?
  • Are new members in the pipeline?
  • How many current members are regularly visiting thegym?
  • Has there been an increase in equipment breakdowns or traffic jams?
  • Are members happy with available fitness options or do they want more?

When you use data analytics to answer these questions and inform your enhancement fees, you’ll have a better chance of setting a rate that isn’t too high or too low. This in turn makes it easier to effectively communicate fees to your members in a way that they will find beneficial.

While no member will ever ask for enhancement fees, they will ask to exercise in a world class health club environment. The right health club software, and the data it helps you capture, will help to ensure your members always get what they ask for.

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