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Get More Members Through Your Door!

June 1, 2011


In the last newsletter we focused on our partner Getmembers.com. Our partnership with Getmembers.com was designed to get your club new members in the door. Over the next few months, ABC’s marketing team will highlight other services that ABC Financial offers that can help your club generate more members.

The spotlight this month is on our Friends Are Free program. Friends Are Free will not only help you keep your new members, but also generate leads for prospective members. Are your new members getting bored exercising alone? Staying active with a friend is fun and motivating. However, finding a fitness buddy can be tricky. Often times a member’s best friend might be a good influence in every aspect except when it comes to fitness. It is so important to choose the right workout partner and to choose one that is going to hold them accountable. With our Friends Are Free program, your new member can give their four free passes to different friends in order to find that right workout companion that will be a true fitness partner for life.

Friends Are FREE

You might think to yourself, “What is Friends are Free?” Remember from the newsletter article last month that “nothing is free.”

The concept is simple. If you want more referrals, our Friends Are Free program can be the answer. This effective 3-in-1 marketing program is designed to welcome new members to your club, attract prospects with four referral passes for the new member to pass along to family or friends and introduce club profit centers with discount coupons. The idea is to get this offer into your new members’ hands within days of their joining, while they’re excited about their new lifestyle. This is how the Friends Are Free program works:

  1. Welcome your new members with a top-of-the-line mailer delivered to their mailbox.
  2. Mailer contains four free referral passes for members to hand out to their friends or family.
  3. Introduce your club’s other profit centers with discount coupons for your new member.

Our marketing team at ABC is ready to answer questions you may have regarding member prospecting, or any other service line. Let us help find the answers to all of your marketing questions.

Ask us about the Market Now, Pay Later billing option.

Call us today at 1-866-992-8960 or email us at Professionalservices@ABCFinancial.com and you too can understand why ABC’s methods for prospecting need to be an essential part of your club’s marketing.