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EAE or MYiCLUBonline? Which is Better For Your Business?

Which software solution is best for your fitness business?

By: Bill Murray
Sr. Vice President of Software Development and SupportElectronic Agreement Entry (EAE) and MYiCLUBonline offer clubs two unique solutions for membership sales. When you look at your sales system, and talk about your sales goals, you should consider which ABC solution is better for you. Let’s help you get a grasp on the differences between the two and how to capitalize on the benefits of each.

EAE is more than an agreement entry tool. It has workflow components which allow flexibility of price presentation, video, and documents (PDF, PowerPoint) that are hosted anywhere on the Internet. The number one question you should ask to determine if EAE is the best fit for your club is “do your sales people get involved in the process?” If the answer is yes, whether the low dollar model or full service, EAE is ideal when your people are part of the process. It is designed to be customizable to meet your workflow needs.

MYiCLUBonline on the other hand allows for a complete “do-it-yourself” sign-up experience for the member. So again, the best question to ask is, “Are your salespeople involved in the process?” If the answer is no, then MYiCLUBonline would be ideal for your club. Additional benefits include click wrap signatures and the use of promo codes for self-service promotions.

Now let’s look at the reality of running your club and getting the most from each of these solutions. Use both! Where and when your salespeople are hands on, have them use EAE. AND, use MYiCLUBonline on a kiosk or computer workstation for over flow or prospects that prefer a self-service experience. Get the most out of both systems and make your club more efficient and most importantly, sell more memberships!

Not sure how to use EAE or MYiCLUBonline? Call ABC’s help desk at 1-800-622-6290.