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Creating Loyalty (and Increasing Revenues) Through Rewards Programs


By: Sal Corrente

As someone who travels regularly as a part of my job, I come in contact with a lot of different businesses and even more business travelers. Just like me, many of them get enrolled in points programs for airlines, hotels, rental cars, etc. As a result, many of us become conditioned to track the points we receive from these programs in a way that shapes our behavior. Not only is it highly addictive, it creates incredible loyalty.

Similarly, as I visit different health clubs across the country, I see that all of them have members that I would consider lifetime or loyal members. Perhaps a true loyalty program, like those offered in the travel industry, is something your club needs and can benefit from. While it’s true that the health club industry did not invent the loyalty program, what is quickly becoming true is the best operators are using them to increase daily traffic, participation in programs, increase referrals, sell more PT and improve POS activity.

Whether you develop it in house, or use an outside provider, a loyalty program that rewards your members for critical behaviors is a great way to continue to create long term loyalty and increase what your members spend in your clubs. I hope this article is a catalyst to get you started on implementing a program to help you do just that!