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Create Your Club’s Total Fitness Experience with ABC+

A Personalized Experienced Created by You, for Your Members, & Powered by ABC.

What is a Total Fitness Experience?

When ABC got into the business of fitness nearly 40 years ago the industry looked very different. There were a handful of large, multi-location fitness brands, Jane Fonda had just started doing calisthenics in your living room, and nobody wore ‘yoga pants’ to the mall. Fitness, for all intents and purposes, was a personal and somewhat transactional experience. Workout and move on with your day.

Today sentiment and landscape are very different. Consumers identify with how and where they workout, what they eat, the biometrics they track, the brands they wear, and the experts they follow.

Fitness in 2021 is:

  • Social: Let’s meet for a HIIT class and grab smoothies after.
  • Structured: I am doing an 8-week strength building program.
  • Competitive: I did my 500th ride today and hit a PR.
  • Interactive: I thrive off the energy and encouragement of my trainer and fellow members. They keep me motivated and hold me accountable.
  • Measured: I set activity goals and track my steps, sleep and recovery.
  • Diverse: I do cardio outside or at home, practice yoga online, and strength train at the gym.
  • Mobile: I have several different fitness apps on my phone.

When it comes to health and fitness optionality and technology are abundant. What’s missing, however, is centricity: a single source of truth and guidance for all aspects of the fitness journey. This is the opportunity for club operators and genesis of the Total Fitness Experience. It is also why we are so passionate about our new mobile platform, ABC+.

Create a Total Fitness Experience that is as unique as your club

Your Total Fitness Experience is unique to your brand. It is the combination of your people, your programming, and your facilities and amenities delivered to members – whenever and wherever they want – in a way that is personalized, fun and friction-free. It is also a mindset and inclusive positioning. Leading with the Total Fitness Experience is about doing what you do best, and playing the role of credible curator and quarterback for your members’ other health and wellness pursuits. Your total fitness is what differentiates your brand, creates community and extends member lifetime value.

ABC+ is the technology that powers your Total Fitness Experience. The mobile platform is native to ABC’s club management software and has a complete suite of operational, administrative, interactive and programmatic features for clubs and members. More importantly, every feature is designed to enrich your members’ journey, build brand equity, create efficiency for your team, and positively impact your bottom line.

Fitness is a continuum – its definition changes by person and evolves over time. For ABC+ and your Total Fitness Experience this is just the beginning.


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