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Choosing the Right Gym CRM Software for Your Club

Creating an Efficient Sales Team with Gym CRM Software

Sales are top of mind for every gym owner. Whether they sell online, employ salespeople, or both, efficient led management is critical to their success. As we approach the New Year – peak season for new joins – this is the perfect time to reignite the sales processes and systems with a gym CRM software.

Many gyms still rely on basic manual processes, such as Excel sheets or behind-the-times databases, to track, monitor, and follow up on potential sales leads. Manual methods are prone to error, human or otherwise, which means it’s easy for leads to slip through the cracks and precious time to be wasted. Additionally, staff turnover – which is a challenge for many clubs – may disrupt the sales process, resulting in lost leads, longer conversion windows, and lost sales time due to the onboarding and training of new team members.

So, what’s the alternative? What technology can help improve efficiency and avoid disruption?

CRM solutions are the best way to ensure efficiency within a sales team. These powerful automated tools accelerate marketing efforts by capturing prospect data, close sales faster, and help gyms market and sell to existing members.


fitness sales staff use gym crm software to sell membership

How do you choose the best gym CRM software for you and your sales team?


There are many good CRM solutions on the market, but not all are created equal – feature sets vary by product, and every system has its strengths. There are multiple features to consider when evaluating which CRM solution is the best tool for your gym. Start by figuring out your needs and budget. Then look for solutions with some (or all) of the following features:

  • Industry-Specific Solution – A tailored CRM solution to a specific sector or business verticals are generally the best starting point. These tools have been constructed to meet the challenges of a given industry.
  • Intuitive – Team members often wear multiple hats, and your system needs to accommodate all their needs. Find a tool that is intuitive and easy for your team to use.
  • People Filters – Filters enables you to add tags to member profiles for ease of segmentation. Be sure the solution allows you to segment your audience and filter based on fields/tags like member status, purchase history, appointments, communication logs, activity history, etc. (member profiles typically have this information included)
  • Lead Capture & Re-engagement – Capturing leads automatically in real-time and defining the criteria for an active (or inactive) lead helps sales team members stay organized. Real-time updates avoids duplicate entries, helps keep leads appropriately warm, and avoids potential conflicts over lead ownership (when someone comes in, does not join, and then comes back)
  • Automations – Automations allows you to create automated pre- and post-join email/communication sequences to convert prospects to leads and then engage members in the entirety of the club’s offering. Some systems offer two-way syncing, so the member management system recognizes conversions and purchases.
  • Communication – Email and text are the most common but be aware that many CRM tools charge based on volume, so you need to be realistic about your active database size. Also keep in mind how your members like to receive communication and make sure it is received correctly with responsive design, so your content looks great no matter the device.
  • Editing tools – Editing software within a system simplifies your outreach development by offering drag and drop capabilities for email development. The ability to create professional-looking, beautiful and on-brand communications supports a cohesive brand experience for your members.
  • Metrics & Analytics – Data provides you with a complete knowledge feedback loop. A few data points you can track is the correlation of marketing spend to sales performance (attribution) and the ability to track and manage sales team performance.

Our Member Acquisition platform creates a connected experience optimal for sales teams to capture, nurture, and convert prospects into members while identifying the most engaged members for upselling opportunities.  This CRM solution was created, and is continuously updated, specifically for the fitness industry.