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Bringing Hands-Free, Reliable Door Access to Health Clubs

Gym entry systems have long conjured thoughts of difficult management and maintenance, intermittent access and limited automation in the gym. Outdated, finicky, and expensive club entry systems shouldn’t be the norm, but many health clubs rely on outdated gym access that run off a local PC. 

A modern cloud-based solution with cutting-edge tech

It’s time for a sleek, a modern, hands-free access gym entry system for fitness clubs. ABC Door Access by  Openpath’s  revolutionary  hands-free technology allows the locked phone in your pocket, gym bag, or purse to grant gym access – no need to fumble for a fob or open an app.

Patented Triple-Unlock technology and cloud-based management ensures gym members and front desk staff can quickly access the fitness facility. Not only does this add extra security by leveraging biometric and multi-factor authentication built-in to the user’s smartphone, but multiple signals make sure that members can access the gym even if the internet is down.

touchless gym access control


Easy administration from anywhere

Designed to eliminate dependency on a local PC and allow administration from any device, ABC Door Access by Openpath gives health club operators the ability to easily set gym access schedules and instantly sync to member data in ABC’s club management solution. Smart technology and simple controls can free up staff from the front desk to focus on gym members.

I was so relieved to not have to drive in […]  Openpath saved my weekend.
Madeleine West, Office Manager


Easily resolving an off-hours (or peak time!) issue with gym entry systems is a common concern.  ABC Door Access by Openpath is designed from the ground up to represent the top end of gym access management and ease of use for administrators. Staff member locked out? Unlock doors remotely as an administrator. Change to a staff or member status? Changes made anywhere in your ABC club management solution are automatically applied to ABC Door Access by Openpath. Need to understand which doors are being used, and when, and by whom? Integrated logging and reporting gives you key data points you need to make decisions.  

Having an online portal to manage access ourselves is a game-changer.
Kathy Mecklenburg, Fitness Premier


Compliments, not complaints

While RFID key cards and gym fobs are still supported entry systems, this mobile-first solution has seen more than 94% adoption. Club owners on the platform have already started to phase out physical access methods, resulting in fewer headaches to manage inventory and accommodate lost or forgotten keycards.

Openpath certified installers bring over 30 years of experience and ensure onboarding at your fitness facility is quick and seamless, without the ongoing challenges that low-voltage, local installers cause. Backed by a 30-day installation satisfaction guarantee and lifetime-warrantied hardware, switching is simple. ABC Door Access by Openpath provides operators with the modern convenience, full-access control, and the 24/7 support necessary (directly through ABC’s support) to efficiently run their business.

This unique technology is exclusive for health clubs on the ABC club management solution program – click here to learn more and request a demo about our new gym entry system.