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Bring More Holiday Exercisers (And Dollars) To Your Health Club Now

It’s a given that in about six weeks from now your health club is going to be buzzing with new members and higher traffic thanks to those exercisers on the new year’s resolution track.

But now is a great time to boost your membership and participation, as well. Just about everyone shares in the guilt factor that takes over once the last of those Thanksgiving leftovers have been polished off, so use the communal angst of weight gain to your health club advantage.

All it takes is some creative marketing, innovative programming and updated health club software to keep your operations humming smoothly.

Try these 5 ideas to bring more holiday exercisers to your health club now:

  • 1. Create a Holiday Event Schedule – While we all may be guilt ridden about those extra pieces of pie, holiday cookies and mounds of mashed potatoes on our plates, we still need some prodding to get out and work those calories off. Provide your members the motivation they need with a hearty schedule of fun events.
  • 2. Host Special Weight Loss Packages For New Members – Offer multi-week packages to help new members get a jump on those new years’ weight loss resolutions. Encourage people to sign up with friends to receive added discounts on not just your weight loss package but spa services and pro-shop items, as well.
  • 3. Ramp Up A Competitive Spirit – Whether organizing a 5K series with special prizes to the top 3 finishers or creating weight loss teams to compete in losing combined pounds or fat percentages, a little competition can go a long way. Create a series of free rewards that will help members stay enthusiastic and accountable, such as smoothies, locker rental for a year or special clothing items.
  • 4. Get More Social – While you may have added the latest health club software to keep your club efficient, you should also look to other ways of bringing the latest tools into your operations – especially when it comes to marketing. Create a dynamic social media campaign designed to draw more people to your health club’s website and get them invested in your culture of helping them achieve their fitness goals. Invite members to upload video testimonials and receive special offers or create Facebook contests to get people talking about your club.
  • 5. Encourage Your Instructors To Sell – Every health club has its following of loyal members who have been going to the same classes for months and even years. Yet many health clubs fail to recognize how these regular exercisers can be the core of added revenue during this holiday time. Encourage your popular fitness instructors to create special programs for their faithful participants. Help them create add-on services (such as personal training sessions) and product packages (including nutritional supplements) specially targeted at staying on track during the holiday season.

While it’s important to ramp up your operations in preparation for new members in 2013, take another look at how you can create a proactive holiday message to bring more dollars and members to your health club today.

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