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Become a Great Client – Complain, Speak Up, Be Heard!

October 2, 2011


By: Bill Murray

Part of my daily tasks is to study ABC’s onsite reports. Consistently I read how happy our clients are with our software and our employees. When I learn a piece of hardware hasn’t worked in 2 weeks and we were not aware of it… I am shocked!!! Shame on us for not knowing; we must know when something isn’t working.

So I decided to turn to you, our clients, for help. I’m asking you to speak up. Make the call to our 24-hour Help Desk, reach out to your AE, call, email, and be heard. As human beings, we tend to let stuff go unfixed. This happens because people get content and accepting with what’s not working. Content often kills people and business. Remember, customer’s level of expectation, for your business, is constantly being raised. We expect you to expect more from us. You must let us know you want more and expect more. Put pressure on us, demand more and set high expectations. In the end, we all get better when you push us.

Be a great client and complain. Look for what’s not working in your business today that you expect from ABC, and call us. It’s a win for everyone.