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How Automating Your Email Outreach Boosts Gym Sales

Email automation isn’t just for online businesses. For gym owners, it’s an absolute game-changer, and your strategy deserves a second look.

Automation makes it possible to enroll more members and close more sales by using digital channels and strategies to engage your audience. Let’s look at a few ways email automation can be leveraged to boost your gym sales.

Manage Your Leads

One way to manage your leads is through a lead management tool built exclusively for gym owners. One example of a gym-centric lead management tool is GymSales powered by ABC, a platform that provides you with a wealth of tools and information to stay in touch with your members and prospects.

Through a lead management tool, you can control your club’s communication schedule with prospective members. You can also set up triggered, automated communications with them to keep your prospects warm and keep them moving through the funnel.

A platform like GymSales allows you to not only store your members’ contact information. It also allows you to use the platform as a one-stop location for all of your outreach to those contacts.

Send Automated Emails and Text Messages

Sending automated and triggered emails and SMS text messages to your members and prospects is a great way to stay in touch, while also streamlining your process and saving time for your sales team. Managing your leads through automated communications frees up your sales team to focus on higher-level sales activities.

Gym member receives email

In addition to saving time for your sales team, your automated messages will remove barriers to entry for your prospects. As part of your interaction with them, you can automatically send them information, including announcements, special offers, sales, events, and more.

Email automation is one of the most important components of your lead management and outreach strategies. Sending automated, triggered emails to your prospects keeps them engaged with your brand and moves them through the various steps of your funnel.

Through automated email communications, you can set up multiple email series based on the actions your members and prospects take. You can also divide your audience into segments that receive specific, triggered emails based on these actions.

For example, let’s say you want to stay in touch with a warm lead who hasn’t signed up for a membership yet. Inside your lead management tool, you can have that lead automatically enrolled in an email sequence that spans the course of several weeks to one year, occasionally sending them a new offer or incentive that helps inspire them to sign up.

Your sequence might look something like this:

● Day 1: Personalized welcome email

● Day 2: Motivational email that prompts them to sign up

● Day 6: Related special offers and discounts

● Day 10: A special offer for one free month of membership (incentive)

● Day 15: Reminder to get one month free

● Day 20: Offer a discount on monthly membership dues

● Day 30: Reminder of monthly membership discount, plus a discount on the signup fee

● Day 35-365: Prospects that haven’t yet converted receive a weekly motivational email inviting them to join at an incentivized rate until they unsubscribe or convert

Your prospect emails may also be automated to inquire about a prospect’s interest in your facility (such as a survey), schedule a tour, offer a trial membership period, or to move the individual through your sales funnel.

Emails to existing members can be used to send facility news, special offers, and information on new products. They can also be leveraged to upsell your members to personal training classes, membership upgrades, add-ons, and more.

Your emails to current members might highlight:

● Updates to your amenities, inside and outside the club

● New services, programming, challenges and special offers

● Free fitness classes and training sessions

● Paid classes and personal training options

● Childcare options (if applicable)

SMS text messages may also be used to keep members and prospects up to date on special offers and expiring promotions. While both email and SMS can be used to inspire a sense of urgency, text messages can be particularly effective toward sparking action.

Both email and SMS can be used to retarget members and prospects who have shown interest in particular programs, membership levels, or upgrades. You can send follow-up marketing offers, close sales online, and even retarget through online ads and social media integrations.

Why Automation Is a Must-Have for Gyms

Automation allows you to set up ongoing communication workflows and marketing campaigns for your members and prospects, while saving your sales team time–and saving you money in the process. Digital marketing automation is easy for sales managers to delegate to their marketing teams, which means they don’t have to be directly involved with every aspect of the process in real time.

Your workflows can work for you to keep your members and prospects engaged and informed. At the same time, your sales team can stay focused on the interactions required to close more in-person sales.


If you’d like to know more about how GymSales powered by ABC can help you boost your memberships and sales, reach out to us here. We’d love to get you started!