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ABC & IHRSA Webinar: Must-do’s to Survive, Recover, & Thrive in the Changing Economy

As the fitness business community continues to be stronger together through the ever-changing economy, ABC was honored host a webinar with IHRSA and four leading panelists on April 22nd. Joining our host, ABC Financial’s Chief Product Officer, Ryon Packer, were four leading gym operators, each contributing their unique perspectives:

Cory Brightwell, CEO, Chuze Fitness
Landon Burningham, Owner & CEO, Physiq Fitness
Eric Schreimann, CEO, Club Fitness
Adam Zeitsiff, President & CEO, Gold’s Gym

Beyond the one “must-do” from each influential panelist and club and member trends from ABC, the panel also addressed a number of questions from club operators in attendance.

The panel offered up many great insights, such as:

“If your brick-and-mortar programming, whether it’s your Group X or your PT, is completely different than what you’re offering digitally, I feel your members are certainly going to have a higher likelihood of abandoning or only using a portion of your services.”
– Adam Zeitsiff

“With so much going in fitness right now and so much going on around the world, our lives are forever changed. We can look at that as a way to positively impact our community and make sure that we’re staying at the forefront of everyone’s minds.”
– Landon Burningham

“Simply by sending a survey out to employees and saying “Hey, we care about you, how are you doing, what can we do better?” is going to show that value-add, and we’re going to get a baseline.”
– Eric Schreimann

“During this crisis, it’s a great opportunity to double down on the loyalty and the commitment that you’re getting from your people, fully based on how you handle this crisis, how you treat them through it, and how you communicate with them.”
– Cory Brightwell

Missed the live webcast? Access the full recording and summary on ABC’s COVID-19 Health Club Resources page.