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Top 6 Reasons to Purchase Gym Management Software

As a gym owner, do you find yourself wondering how you can run your gym more efficiently? Does your gym management software contain the tools you need to manage all aspects of your gym within one system? Continue reading our post to learn how you can save time and money, manage members and employees, and automate all of your time-consuming tasks!

  1. Save Time – Eliminate Administrative Tasks

Do you enjoy spending hours each week on manual tasks that could be automated? I did not think so. It’s time to make a change! With gym management software your gym can become more profitable by automating tasks such as:

  •   Reporting – no need to pull data from loose papers around the office to come up with a report. With all your information stored in the club management software you can easily automate daily, weekly and monthly reports.
  •   Collecting dues – stop pulling your team aside to help call members to collect past due bills. Let your club management software provider handle that for you!
  •   Member Check-in’s – eliminate your pen and paper in favor of a sub one-second key tag or key fob check-in system
  •   Agreements – there’s no need to fill out an entire agreement and sign on the dotted line by hand when you can capture signatures electronically and go completely paperless. It will also save you a lot of money!
  •   Schedule Management – toss out the old calendar on the desk with classes and times penciled in. Track services, classes and schedules through your gym management software.

If you want to grow your gym, it is important to stray away from manual time consuming tasks and find the right gym software that will speed up these routine tasks and ultimately minimize errors.

  1.    Member Management

Do your members sign-in on a sheet of paper? How many individual emails do you send to members per day? Imagine how much time you can save just by using key tags, fobs or pin codes and storing your member information in a centralized database. Additional benefits of a centralized member management solution include:

  • Instantly view, add or delete invoices
  • View management history and update member information
  • Store documents with paperless files
  • Give members multiple payment options to pay for themselves, guests, and even a protein smoothie or snack!

By allowing members to have access to their own accounts and automating these activities, you and your staff can now focus on improving other aspects of the business.

  1.    Employee Portal & Management

When it comes to managing employees, the best gym management software makes it easy. For most gym owners, scheduling is a nightmare. An integrated time clock would resolve this issue by tracking your employees’ timesheets.

What if your trainers, instructors and service providers could view and manage their own schedule while at home or away from the gym? How about if they could set their availability, add members to classes, view their schedule and create or edit any appointments? Sounds pretty cool, right?

Grouping employees by department is one easy way to manage them within gym management software. This makes it easy to set tiered commissions for each group. You can have an unlimited number of commission groups and each commission group can have up to five levels. Unlike a traditional single-tiered structure, tiered sales commissions allow you to have up to 10 tiers. Sales commission groups provide an automated process for calculating the tiered sales commission level and amount at set time periods, so you can view and manage commissions periods as needed.

It is critical to make sure that any type of employee portal has security levels that allow for gym owners to control what employees can access at home versus at the gym.

  1.    Prospecting for Gym Owners

Fitness software should make managing, converting and marketing to prospects a breeze. Generating and converting new leads is critical to growing your gym.  All of your prospecting information should be easily accessible at any time for sales outreach. Keeping hard to reach prospects engaged can be challenging but marketing automation campaigns ensure that your prospects receive timely follow-up and attention.

Can you determine where prospects are getting hung up on their way to becoming a member? Reporting functionality allows you to monitor conversion rates and discover why a prospect visited your website. With a powerful solution, you can create lead priority to determine importance of follow-up and assign your prospects to specific sales members.

  1.    The Power of Reporting

A profitable gym pays close attention to reporting. Important reports that you track include:

  •   daily billing statement
  •   MTD club account deposit summary
  •   monthly billing statement
  •   daily delinquency
  •   final invoices available to collect vs. actual

Information from these reports will help you easily crunch the numbers and make important decisions within your club when it comes to your money. This data can help you determine if you’re collecting the most money from your members, as well as how to manage the flow of money in your club. The ability to download as an excel document and email the reports to your team is a plus!

  1.    Payment Processing

With automated payment processing, you no longer have to worry about manually processing your members’ payments. When it comes to tracking down delinquent members, they can be contacted via text message, email, and phone to manage and collect dues.

Cyber security is a major concern for many clients, so make sure you are using a PCI compliant payment processing system.

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