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5 Ways Video Can Drive Health Club Membership

December 8, 2011


Connection – it’s the foundation for driving membership and strengthening relationships with your health club customers. Today’s opportunities for connection are more numerous (and more effective) than ever before, especially with the development of health club software.

The newest software gives customers 24/7 access to your website. They can manage schedules, keep track of billing, and even review purchases and check-in history – all great ways to keep your current members connected with your club and subsequently increase club membership retention.

But how do you continue attracting new members? You’ve got to show why people should flock to your club rather than to your competitor down the street. How do you illustrate what sets you apart? One answer — use video as a marketing tool.

According to a recent Internet poll, nearly half of Internet users watch video at least once daily, averaging 7 hours per week (YuMe). Video captures and keeps attention better than other forms of content because it is immediate and visceral. It’s also a tool that can be used in multiple ways.

Check out these 5 examples of how video can drive your membership now:

1. Educate current and prospective members on the newest classes
What sets your health club apart? Is it the latest fitness classes or cutting-edge training techniques? Video is perfect for educating viewers on the ways they can become fitter or have more fun while working out.

For example, you’re starting Zumba classes but most people don’t have any idea what Zumba is. Why not create a short video showcasing your premier instructor giving tips and a demonstration of Zumba’s appeal? Now, those people who would have hesitated to check it out will feel more comfortable before they even step foot in class for the first time. (You may even attract new members just because your Zumba rocks!)

2. Introduce your amazing staff
Jump start new relationships by introducing your trainers/class instructors/tennis pros to your members with a library of video profiles.

This is the perfect way to showcase the experts who make your club special. A 90-second spot can highlight your staffers’ expertise, areas of interest and unique personalities. Imagine how much more comfortable new clients will feel when they already have a sense of the people who will help them reach their goals.

3. Highlight special events
Are you sponsoring a 5K for Diabetes or running special programs during October to boost breast cancer awareness? Video can get members and prospects engaged with all the ways you serve the community.

Try highlighting a monthly special event where your club shines. Use clips of members and staff participating together and then ask your members to suggest other ways your club can help various philanthropic efforts.

4. Give people a tour of your locations
What is it that people will like best about your club? What features do you have that are integral to your club membership retention? The size of your weight room? The number of lap lanes in your pool? Your current and prospective customers make up a wide range of interests, so use video to show how you cater to everyone’s needs.

Try highlighting:

  • Spa services – relaxation, nurturing, refreshment.
  • Special activity clubs – running, triathlon, cycling groups.
  • Quality amenities – inviting common areas, your full-service café, immaculate locker rooms.
  • Special offerings – golf/tennis instruction; weight loss programs.

Take a look at the most popular areas of your club and boast about them. And on the flip side, boost interest in your lesser-known offerings by putting them front and center.

5. Showcase your club around town
You can also use video in press releases or at kiosks in your local mall to attract new members.

Produce instructional videos to pitch your staff experts to local television programs looking for interviews. You can even create a Youtube channel featuring all the things your club does best.

There’s really no limit to how video usage can drive membership. Experiment with it to sell your brand, and you’ll see a myriad of ways to not only increase your club membership retention, but also bring new members in your door.