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4 New Features to Improve Gym Operations This Summer

This month, we are delivering four new features to streamline gym operations in your health club. From optimizing group class attendance, managing check outs, making it easier to honor member freeze requests, and improving workstation security, your ability to increase your team’s efficiency is greater than ever.



Putting on an incredible group class is tough enough – never mind dealing with registration issues. We’ve made managing waitlists, cancels, no-shows, and other scenarios simpler, helping you maximize the value you provide with every class.

      1. You now have the option to automatically remove members that haven’t checked in before a class gets going. Set the desired number of minutes from class start and begin to accept members from your waitlist, automatically.
      2. Our text-based class reminders now also allow two-way communication, letting registrants give up their spot by simply responding to the text and opening up reservation slots for high-demand classes.
      3. Duplicate ticket printing can cause issues can result in member frustration. By configuring DataTrak to prevent duplicate pass printing, you can now avoid an unenrolled member slipping in or confusion from a member that accidentally printed twice from a kiosk.



Following a great response to our Capacity Management functionality and API rollout, we’ve released a new option to automatically check out gym members after a number of minutes that you specify.

We’re proud to share that we’ve invested even further in this new capability, which makes managing shifting state and corporate guidelines straightforward for your staff. If it’s difficult to manage all of your exits to ensure member checkouts, or if you’re just looking to make end-of-day closing processes easier for your team, you can configure this feature to automatically check members out and keep your occupancy levels accurate.



Freezes have been one quick way to manage your temporary changes to memberships through the pandemic.

Now, entering a freeze request can automatically create the documents for members to sign, using the information you’ve already entered. In the past, documentation needed to be created separately. Contact our Tech Support team and we’ll be happy to create the right forms for your club, saving your team hassle and reducing errors from duplicate entry.



You can now configure DataTrak to automatically log out employees after a certain number of inactive minutes. Locking the machine is great for overall security and ensures access is only available to the team members you’ve given access.

This configuration will accurately reflect what was done on a machine was done by the actual user that’s logged in, and help prevent accidental or intentional misuse by staff or members.

The Group Exercise, Capacity Management, and automatic logout features can be easily configured yourself – just reference the instructions in our recent release notes on ABC’s Help site. If you’d like a hand doing so or would like to leverage our new freeze documentation capabilities, ABC Tech Support is always standing by to assist.