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Fitness CF’s Sales Team Soars with IGNITE Sales

As you watch the video below, you will notice references to GymSales powered by ABC. Within the ABC IGNITE club management suite, GymSales is referred to as IGNITE Sales. Watch the testimonial from Fitness CF and read the case study below to learn more about how you can accelerate growth at your club with IGNITE Sales.


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Case Study | Fitness CF

Measuring the effectiveness of member acquisition and lead management strategies can be difficult without the right tools. While most clubs are struggling, Fitness CF found a strong fit with a fitness CRM software that took them from managing member churn to exploding with new memberships in just a few months.

Gyms need Supportive Sales Technology to Grow and Thrive

Fitness CF is a family of five health clubs in Central Florida that offers a wide range of amenities and services, including group fitness classes and personal training, to its members.

Drew Sayre, Area Sales and Personal Training Director at one of the leading clubs for Fitness CF, discovered the power of a strong lead management system when his gyms adopted IGNITE Sales for their facilities.

Drew has tremendous intimacy with the inadequacies of most existing sales technologies, and Fitness CF had experimented with several lead management systems in the past – none of which had been successful. Member acquisition was a growing challenge, especially post pandemic, and the Fitness CF team needed a solution.

As a longtime ABC Fitness Solutions customer, Drew felt ABC’s addition of IGNITE Sales came at the perfect time.

“To me, it was divine intervention,” he recollects. “We called ABC, did the demo, and asked ABC to have this ready in two weeks. And not only did they deliver, but they also exceeded my expectations.” He added, “In the fitness industry, it’s incredibly important to capture as many potential members as possible. Looking for a new system was a priority because we needed to make sure nothing was slipping through the cracks.”

How IGNITE Sales Changed the Game for Fitness CF

Since implementing IGNITE Sales, Fitness CF has seen a remarkable improvement in the number of meaningful prospects to recognize and pitch to, which improved overall sales efficiencies in compounding ways and ultimately led to higher conversions. With the ability to target in a timely manner, it’s easy to see a boost in memberships as well as upsell personal training, childcare, and other fitness essentials.

“The tangible impact has been a game-changer,” Drew says. “On a day-to-day basis, I can move or assign different marketing tasks to help recuperate or direct future sales.” With such precision, knowing which members would love to explore premium offerings gives clubs tremendous control over the services and business models that clubs want to monetize.

When one of the Fitness CF clubs had a low month, IGNITE Sales helped the team bounce back more quickly than before. In addition, the software gave Fitness CF an edge when they reopened after COVID lockdowns were lifted.

“I don’t believe we would have had the success we’ve had since reopening without IGNITE Sales,” Drew says. Having to hire all new sales staff, Fitness CF had to add training to their long list of reopening activities. Within 5 minutes of training, the remote sales staff was using IGNITE Sales as if they had used it before and onsite.

Implementing IGNITE Sales across all Fitness CF locations gave Drew and the leadership team much needed visibility in the sales process and team member productivity. Having true CRM technology – one developed specifically for gyms – not only boosted sales numbers but helped them work smarter not harder, streamline processes, and understand their business better. Fitness CF has seen improved sales conversions with a record 5 direct appointments booked in 30 minutes of sending an email with a direct booking link to 200 web leads and enhanced upsells with up to 6-7 new personal training sessions in a day at a club location that had previously struggled with signing members up for personal training.

Fitness CF’s goal for growth is to continue adding health club locations to its growing family and repeat the formula for success in optimal sales efficiencies with IGNITE Sales. “We know that working with ABC, using IGNITE Sales, our future is bright, and we have much more success to come,” Drew said.

IGNITE Sales Enables your Club’s Superpowers

Clubs like Fitness CF learned that small yet key abilities, like enabling the right online sales’ triggers or automating personalized communications, can be superpowers to health club’s sales and growth teams. These clubs understand how to measure and reward the most impactful staff while the sales team can be more targeted when pursuing relationships and deepening opportunities with potential leads. Fitness CRM, such as IGNITE Sales, can proactively help teams predict and manage critical points of contact so they can get more leads through the doors.

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